Proposed New Features in C# 8: nullable reference types

C# 8’s new proposed enhancements

In C# 8 following language enhancements are proposed:

  • Nullable Reference Types
  • Async streams
  • Default interface implementations
  • Extension everything

In this article, we will look into one of the proposed enhancement: Nullable Reference Types

Nullable Reference Types

We already have syntax to specify nullable value-types that can be assigned the value of null.

In C# 8’s proposed language enhancements, it is planned to extend that to reference-types as well.

So, now with C# 8’s proposed changes, we can specify whether the reference-types is intended to be null or not.

reference-types not intended to be  null:

reference-types intended to be  null:

Now, if we try to get length of “address”, without any check for null:

compiler will give warning, if flow analysis cannot establish a non-null situation. To fix that we need to place a check for null before accessing the Length property.

Places where developer is sure that the value can not be null but compiler (flow analysis) was not able to figure it out & still gives warning, he can use the “dammit” operator (x!).

for telling compiler that “address” will not be null.

Will share full working sample codes in my future posts on above enhancement once C# 8 enhancement are released. I am looking forward to see Nullable Reference Types in action.

Happy Coding !!!

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