Visual Studio 2017 – Debugging Enhancements: Reattach to Process & Set Next Statement

Reattach to Process (Shift+Alt+P)

You can Attach to Process using Ctrl + Alt + P

Attach To Process

Now, if you were previously debugging, you can reattach to the same process by using Shift+Alt+P (without the need to select the same process again & attach the debugger to it).

Reattach To Same Process

Set Next Statement

While debugging code, you just need to move the mouse to the line of code where you want to set next statement to execute. Then,  you need to hold Ctrl key and click on the Set next statement to here button icon (Set next statement to here) which is available next to that line of code.

Set next statement to here


Note: Part I is available here: Visual Studio 2017 – Debugging Enhancements: Run To Click

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